The Navy Yard is a thriving 1,200 acre business hub home to nearly 150 companies employing over 11,000 people, with significant expansion planned for the future. Unfortunately, the closest available existing public transportation link capable of carrying high volumes of rush-hour commuters is AT&T Station, approximately 1 mile from The Navy Yard. This literal “last mile” connection has been an issue identified in the region for decades beginning in 1966 when the City of Philadelphia commissioned a study to examine the potential of extending the subway line into the Philadelphia Naval Yard, an active military base. That study found the project to be feasible, with minor challenges. However, due to U.S. military engagements abroad and the ongoing Cold War, the $14.5 million extension was never built. Since that time, several studies have been conducted with a similar scope, including one most recently in 2008.

This Phase II study of the Broad Street Line Extension will build upon the alternatives developed in previous studies to further refine transportation alternatives, identify opportunities and future challenges in the region, and develop an actionable plan for the future implementation of a locally preferred transportation solution that meets the needs of connecting the traveling public to the Philadelphia Navy Yard.